Meet the artist...

“Have you ever stood still in a forest in early spring and tried to count all the various shades of green in front of you?  It’s overwhelming and fantastic all at the same time. This is what inspires me. Each painting is an attempt to capture the moment when you stand still long enough to see one small spot in the blur of life.”


Chris considers herself an ‘unplanned’ artist.  She comes from a family of painters yet never sought to follow an art career. Instead she chose a path of environmental and recreation management with "a bit of drawing on the side".  Hence, the natural environment continues to have a significant influence on her work.  

Primarily self taught, most of her illustrative work has been in pencil/ink and water colour. Her illustrations have appeared in books such as Stein Valley Wilderness Guidebook  and Attracting Backyard Wildlife, as well as numerous natural history booklets and interpretative signs throughout BC.  She most recently completed a series of colour illustrations for a community-based Young Explorers’ Guide to Nature and an interactive community display on urban environments. 


Chris ventured into painting only a few years ago after a rather fascinating conversation with a psychic...​​​